Rent a villa in Sainte-Anne - Guadeloupe

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Sainte Anne, a famous seaside resort in the south of the butterfly island, with its endless white sandy beaches and Creole atmosphere, has everything you could dream of. We have selected many villa rentals in Sainte Anne Guadeloupe so that you can spend your vacations in the heart of an enchanting commune surrounded by coconut trees! Villa and house rental in Sainte Anne: a selection of luxury villas! Sainte Anne offers a wide range of accommodation options. Sainte Anne homes enjoy exceptional locations, most with mesmerizing sea views. And since the majority of Sainte Anne home rentals are luxury villas, you're guaranteed a luxurious vacation rental experience. The Toubana Hotel is located on the Corniche, where most of the luxury villa rentals in Sainte Anne Guadeloupe are located. Although some beaches can be reached on foot from this location, the majority of the rental houses are not accessible. Yet there are more luxury villa rentals here than anywhere else in Sainte Anne. Our villa rentals in Sainte Anne, Guadeloupe: The vacation rentals we have chosen cover a wide range of sizes: Some have only one bedroom for two people, while the largest villa has seven bedrooms for 20 people; it is the largest villa we have chosen in Guadeloupe! The majority of the available homes have a sea view, and the vast majority include a pool. Many of the properties we have selected have modern and comfortable furnishings, as well as all the space and comforts necessary for an ideal vacation: sea view, private bathroom per room, Jacuzzi, large pool, living space with high-tech equipment. Which neighborhood to choose for your villa rental in Sainte Anne? When choosing a villa rental in Sainte Anne Guadeloupe, it is important to consider the location of the property. Some neighborhoods are better than others for enjoying all that the city has to offer. - The neighborhood of "La Corniche", not far from the Toubana Hotel, offers beautiful sea views and is home to some of the most luxurious villas in Guadeloupe. The beaches in this area are difficult to access on foot, but the amenities and views are well worth it. - The "Le Helleux" neighborhood is best for those looking for easy access to the beaches. This area also has beautiful villas, with great ocean views Overall, Sainte Anne is an excellent town from which to explore the rest of Guadeloupe. Whether you want to stay close to the city or venture out into the countryside, there is something for everyone in this wonderful Caribbean town. Some ideas: Explore the beaches, Visit the Toubana Hotel and its bar and restaurant, Discover the local culture at the Marché aux Poissons, Take a hike in the hills behind Sainte Anne, Enjoy a day of sailing or fishing, Taste Creole cuisine at one of the many restaurants in town, Spend an evening listening to live music. Sainte-Anne is known in Guadeloupe as one of the most beautiful seaside towns. It offers spectacular scenery that you can enjoy during the gwo ka festival in July, when the beautiful Galbas beach, with its white sand and coconut trees, comes alive with clear water that sparkles from blue to green, guarded by a coral reef. The family-friendly Bois Jolan beach is complemented by La Caravelle beach, located at Club Med. The village is also a popular destination for local tourists, who come to see the wildlife of their region in an unspoiled environment. In addition, all types of businesses are available in this village, such as banks, souvenir stores, mini-markets, spice markets and fresh fish vendors. A tiny shopping street leads to the entrance of the community; if you walk a little further, you will discover items made by local artisans.
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